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Seorang kenalan yang telah lama kami dikenali. Hampir setiap hari melepak bersama sehingga ke tengah malam bersama aktiviti-aktiviti yang digemari diketika 2 bulan sebelum majlis perkahwinan ini. Dan sekarang tanggungjawab besar telah dipikul, ada aktiviti lebih penting yang perlu dilakukanya bersama dia yang sepatutnya. Semoga ianya kekal berterusan hingga ke akhir hayat mereka. Amin.

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Terima kasih daun keladi,

Sharing the same destiny, we hope that both of them will be happy for the rest of their entire relationship.

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June\'s events 02/07/2010
We will publish all the events that we attended in June in near future. For Fairuz&Zafaryna, Hafizi&Yan , Hayat&Ily, Din&Aiyrieta, you can preview you photos here and here. Just login into your facebook account, and you can preview your photos there..

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Salam/hi everybody

Again, Khairul and Ju, but now in Putrajaya. 3 months after their kenduri. Ironically,a day after this shooting, we have heard a good news. Yeah, a good news for them. Congrats for both of u from ffdsgn.

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Salam / Hi everybody,

Sorry for the long silent. Eventhough every seconds of our day is fill with works, we'll try our best to keep you update with what we are doing currently.

An extroverted and beautiful. That was the first thing that get into my head about her. Having had this opportunity, i love to wish CONGRATULATIONS on earning her  Masters . Happy to be there to witness her greatest moment.

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Thank You 06/05/2010
Salam / Hi everybody,

We just wanted to quickly write and say thanks for all of your supports.
These past couple of weeks have been kind of busy for us. We have attended few events and have to attend couple of events more. Will upload the photos after we getting permission from our clients. Thank you.


we've managed to get in touch with Afifi from local band Pita Hati to catch him with his new pair of Supra shoe.

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Tarikh      :  14 :03 :2010
Tempat   :   Putrajaya

A sweet couple from Putrajaya. Please click HERE to view all the pictures.
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ATTENTION!!! 21/04/2010
We are sorry to inform that our JUN reservation have been closed (fully booked). The great news is, we still welcome reservation for other months.

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