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Salam / Hi everybody,

We just wanted to quickly write and say thanks for all of your supports.
These past couple of weeks have been kind of busy for us. We have attended few events and have to attend couple of events more. Will upload the photos after we getting permission from our clients. Thank you.


We are sorry to inform that our JUN reservation have been closed (fully booked). The great news is, we still welcome reservation for other months.

Thank you for your support.
We are sorry to informed that reservation for FEBRUARY 2010 has been closed (fully booked). However, we still open new reservation for other months.

Thank you for your support

    About Us

    One big, one thin. That’s us. But size doesn’t matter when two souls come together and make one because of our interest in photography. We may not be professionally educated and learn photography officially, but sometimes, natural talent and passion will bring a perfect combination in photography.

    What we want to do is capturing your precious moment, freeze it, and most important is documenting it so that you will remember your special day even more. We offer you photo shooting services for your wedding, event, and everything especially for those who are looking for budget packages.

    for queries and pricing please e-mail us at:

    Farez wahab and Farrid Husin


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